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What you need to know About Brazilian Keratin Treatments

Did you know that keratin treatments first started arriving in South Africa in the year 2009. Presently, many people are still confused about what keratin treatments do for the hair. Keratin treatments do not and cannot straighten hair! If it did for you, then the product used for you was not a keratin treatment alone or not the best keratin treatment. Keratin treatment/ Brazilian treatment/ Brazilian keratin treatments are all the same. They are hair treatments which repair, soften and smoothen out the hair leaving the hair frizz free, shinny and natural. All hair types benefit from this, including people with natural curls. For them, they keep the curls but lose the frizz.

Regular exposure to hair irons, hairdryers and chemicals such as hair dyes break away the natural keratin from the hair causing the hair to frizz up and lose its shine. By eliminating the frizz from the hair, it reduces blow drying & styling time. Keratin treatments are not permanent. They ware off after every wash. How long the can last depends on which after care (shampoos and conditioners) you use. Keratin treatments can last from 3 – 6 months or longer if the correct products are used.

There are so many Brazilian Keratin brands available to choose from good ones and bad ones. Mel is therefore always on the lookout for the safest keratin treatment not only for their customers but also for the wellbeing of their employees. Mels Hair salon has maintained their reputation by consistent training and educating their teams and by using the best quality Brazilian keratin treatment on the market.

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