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Mels Hair Salon

Hair salon Prices – How to pick a good hair salon

Our hair salon often receives calls from customers enquiring about prices but what they never ask about are the quality of products we use, our experience, added benefits, or most importantly about expected waiting times during busy days. If the budget is really tight, then wouldn’t you agree that choosing the hair salon with a greater added value for money is a better choice.

  • Mels hair salon was established in the year 2009. 
  • We use and retail Products established in the year 1922 exclusive to Mels with highest quality . 
  • Our no waiting policy ensure customers get in and out with no wasted time.
  • Our prices include a cash back to spend back at our salon
  • We offer a 24 hour online booking service.
  • Our customer service call back ensures that every customer is satisfied after every visit.   

So the next time you shop for prices ask about added benefits. Otherwise give us a call and find out what other hidden benefits we offer.


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