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Recent protest cause concerns about hair salons in Durban

This week, a group of female school teachers convened in Durban, voicing their concerns and gearing up for a potential boycott against local hair salons. One participant, preferring to remain anonymous, expressed frustration over the escalating costs of maintaining their appearance. “As educators, we’re facing the strain of high living expenses, making it increasingly difficult to keep up with the upkeep of our hair,” she lamented.

The crux of their discontent lies in what they perceive as deceptive practices within salons. They allege that despite prominent displays of well-known brand products, many salons are secretively  substituting them with lower-quality alternatives during treatments. “We’re not affluent businesswomen; we’re educators,” the protester emphasized. “Salons are causing damage to our hair, only to persuade us into purchasing additional products for repair.”

Beyond the personal inconvenience, they argue that the visible signs of untreated gray roots disrupt classroom dynamics, hindering effective teaching and distracting students’ attention.

In response to these grievances, the protesters have issued a deadline of 7 days, demanding that salons take concrete steps to enhance transparency. They insist on full disclosure regarding the brands used in treatments, seeking assurance that what is advertised is indeed what is administered. 

While we nervously await the outcome next week, Mel’s Hair Salon is stepping up to support local teachers and parents in the community. In a generous gesture, they’re offering a special deal, but act fast—it’s limited to the first 100 customers. Details of this exclusive offer can be found on page 3. For further inquiries or to secure your spot, contact Mel’s Hair Salon at 0312019682. It’s a small gesture, but one that demonstrates solidarity with those who shape our future.

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