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Frizz free hair

mycro keratin hair treatment


  • Using the correct amount of keratin treatment really matters
  • If incorrectly used the keratin treatment will fade away too quickly
  • Ironing the treatment into the hair properly is equally important as the blow waving
  • It is important for clients to understand which products to use at home for an even longer lasting treatment
  • Safety is our concern, we will never use products that will harm our clients and staff

We use Mycro keratin hair treatment hair treatment.  It makes the hair smooth, shiny, soft and Frizz free.

The treatment is great all year not just in the summer. Before you decide to do it, it is important to know that Mycro Keratin is not a permanent straightener.  

It removes frizz from the hair but it can also smoothen out the curls. In other words, you keep the curls buts lose the fizz.

Since all keratin hair treatments arrived in South Africa,  very few keratin treatments are able to offer a safe and longer lasting keratin treatment in Durban.

Mycro keratin does not contain excessive amounts of formalin because it relies on microtechnology rather than high levels of  formalin. 

Mycro keratin allows microscopic molecules to penetrate the hair, enriching them with keratin, replacing the lost keratin giving you back, shiny, soft and FRIZZ FREE hair you always wanted.

Blow Dry and Go is now possible, while some woman with thick curly hair can benefit by reducing their styling time by half.  This process is much safer than a permanent hair straightener as they do not cause any damage to the hair.

  • MK contains 0.01% Formalin  (FDA recommends under 0.02%) 
  • 95% Frizz free hair
  • Makes dull hair Strong, soft,  smoother and shiny
  • Restores and rebuilds damaged hair
  • Seals and locks in color for a much longer time
  • NO future damage to the hair