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Permanent Hair Straighteners: Does It Really Work?

f you’re after something that won’t just last until your next shampoo, doesn’t require a battle with the hairdryer AND withstands the most extreme weather conditions, then permanent hair straighteners may just be the solution for you…

permanent hair straightenerPermanent hair straighteners has been a salvation for those with even the most rebellious curls, kinks and frizz, but how much maintenance is really involved, and how long do the results last? Hair at Mels uses the Matrix Opti Smooth (USA), which is a sister company of L’Oreal.  This product  helps transform unruly, curly and wavy hair to achieve smoother, silkier locks.   Mel Also uses the Z.ONE  Relax’ss (ITALY) which does NOT contain any Ammonia while enriched with Amino acid which provides the hair with additional nourishments for  a longer lasting effects.

How long does it last? This service is designed to last permanently, however it would depend on the texture of the hair and the natural curl. Other factors that would affect the time it lasts is how quickly the hair grows.

Is permanent hair straighteners damaging?  Both Our products are is a milder way of straightening hair, as opposed to the harsh effects of Japanese straighteners, and provides a more straightening effect than the Brazilian Blowout. The service will also result in less daily straightening of the hair so less damage is avoided from heat products.

Who is it for? We’re able to customise the degree of straightness you desire; from just eliminating frizz, to straightening out curls using different strengths of solution and adjusting processing timing. It is therefore suitable for all hair types – from thin and straight to natural thick curls.

Will you ever get your natural curls back?  The clients natural curls will come back over time once the straightened procedure has grown out of the hair. They should consult their stylist on the right cut and styling techniques as it grows out.

How much will it cost?   The price will depend on the length of the hair and texture.  For example, Shoulder length hair can cost between R800 – R1200.

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  • hafsa ebrahim

    April 24, 2015

    I did the permenant hair strightning today from curly frizzy dry hair to shinny beautyful long hair wow it looks stunning everybody loves it I feel so awsum an all thanx to hair at mels salon.From the staff to the owner her self wounderful people enjoyed my visit to mels an will Recommend anybody to go felt so at home will Definitely visit again.


  • Harmeet kaur alagh

    October 29, 2017

    Right.I was also permanent straightening my hairs,20 days ago,it was matrix smoothening but now my hairs became again frizzy curly

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