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Save your hair the damage


Permanent straighteners

Woman with curly hair struggle to manage their hair as it can take hours to wash and straighten.    Permanent straighteners are a good solution to eliminate curls from the hair permanently, but it doesn’t come without the risk of damage.  All Permanent hair straighteners must contain chemicals which are needed to straighten out the hair but during the processes, the chemicals will dry out the hair.  Most shampoos bought from your local grocery store are very harsh which will wash out the natural moisture causing the hair to dry out or become brittle and frizzy.  To save yourself the damage and to prevent this from happening ask your stylist for a good quality repair shampoo and conditioner or mask for reydration.  Most professional repair shampoos and conditioners contain higher levels of protein which are needed to rebuild the hair while locking in the moisture for softness.

Keratin treatments

Keratin treatments are a much safer option. Keratin treatments can eliminate frizz and soften down curls. They can also rehydrate and repair the hair.   Most keratin treatments can only last up to 3 months.  We use Mycro Keratin because it can last up to 6 months.  For best results and save yourself the damage, we recommend using the Mycro keratin shampoo, conditioner and mask for a longer lasting effect.

Hair Colouring

When permanent straightening, wait 2 weeks before colouring. This will allow the hair to recover from the chemical stress after permanent straightening. All dyes contain chemicals which will stress the hair further causing breakage.  Highlighting the hair before or after a permanent straightener is not a good idea because it will dry out the hair which can cause even more damage or possible breakage.  To save yourself the damage, ask your stylist to do a strand test before straightening your hair permanently.  This will save you the damage

However, with keratin treatments its best to colour your hair first then immediately after, apply the keratin treatment.  The keratin treatment acts like a varnish over the hair colour which will lock and protect the colour for a longer period.

If your hair is already damaged from making the wrong choices in the past, ask Mel about their Infra Red hair repair hair treatment which has shown excellent results from saving people their hair. For more info give Mel a call on Tel: 0312019682 or email

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